Get to know us a bit better. 

For years, BausLabs has been providing premium quality Marketing and SEO services to startups, DeFi, law firms, clinics and more.


BausLabs has been a decentralized agency since inception. Our prices are highly competitive and our work speaks for itself.

We let our work speak for itself, but when in doubt, get in touch with our clients and ask them about us!

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A Swiss, German and Israeli law firm that works with small and big clients from over 7 countries and in 6 different languages. We've tripled the organic traffic in 6 months while optimizing their PPC campaigns on Google and LinkedIn. The success has only started now that we're creating a new and improved website from the ground up to set the stage for a 10x increase of leads and traffic in the next 18/24 months.

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For four years we've grown organically and consistently. From Technical SEO, PPC and CRM automations, we started in the US and now sales increase monthly around the world. 

Content marketing, Website optimization and consistent work on keyword targeting have been the key to this success.

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From the beginning, the best brewery in Miami has counted on BausLabs team to increase engagement, online sales, foot traffic and their social media channels. 

With amazing results, from web to sales. we helped them manage the Covid-19 closures with social and online commerce.

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Women’s Health Clinic

BausLabs designed, developed and is continuously working with this  clinic in Zurich, Switzerland. 

With no social wanted, doubled the traffic in 4 months and we're now working on increasing the amount of quality content based on surveys and client interactions.



    Hebrew.ch is an amazing first generation platform developed by Daniel Epstein to help English and German native speakers learn Hebrew. With no social and minimal PPC, we've managed to grow organically through Technical SEO and management of the website performance



      A personal project of our founder and used by BausLabs as a challenge to increase engagement and subscriptions without PPC and through a third party server. By using new social platforms like Etoro and TikTok at the same time as old school Reddit and Quora, we've grown to +500 subs in 3 months.

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