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Marketing & Fundraising With Donation Boxes

What’s behind the success of a Marketing and fundraising campaign with piggy banks?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to help create a better world, some of these are dedicated to creating non-profit foundations, associations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) whose purpose is to help others or call attention to different themes; while there is another group of people who prefer to contribute by helping the former through assistance or donations. Marketing and fundraising with piggy banks is a fundamental pillar widely used in an organization and its donors.

Now, How can we make sure that both parties meet and can create a bond that allows these causes to be heard and really generate an impact with tangible results?

Connecting feelings and aspirations, that’s the simple answer. It is important to find people who are familiar and sensitized with the cause we are working on, whether it is about creating awareness about a specific disease, social assistance, climate change, human rights, etc.

Listen to your donors

We must appeal to the emotions, move fibers. Each person has a history and a reason that makes them interested in one cause or another. It is not just about raising money, but motivating, creating emotional experiences and links, to meet expectations, and above all, to generate paradigm changes.

And listening is a fundamental part of fundraising. Hearing the stories of collaborators, volunteers, benefactors or donors promotes the work of the organization much more than talking about the work of the organization itself.

Why would someone decide to make a donation? What is your story and what motivates them? What benefit does he or she get or how does it feel to have contributed? is it a feeling of accomplishment or a feeling of hope? Listening to the answers to these questions can bring us closer and generate greater empathy among other people who still do not know the cause or know about the issue, but have not yet been interested in donating.

The reason for this is that the donor has an important value, since it represents that person who decided to act and contribute because such a specific cause has a value for her, and that without her help or contribution, the organization could not reach its objective. It is an integration, since those who donate can also obtain a benefit that translates into the satisfaction of a personal goal achieved.


But this exchange (or the reasons for it) can not be left alone between Nonprofit and donor, but must be made known to the rest of the target audience, content marketing needs to act and get it out there using the same network of donation boxes, print media and/or social media to attract more. To generate the changes, the message must be spread through good advertising campaigns that have the effect of attracting more people interested in donating and sharing their stories.

Social Media Marketing has become THE space where these stories and experiences can converge, be heard, even leave a mark and make a difference. Given that these digital tools provide the possibility of reaching a large audience quickly and efficiently. And of course, important detail, this is just as long as they are used well and the campaigns are structured proficiently and a good strategy is being followed.

However, you can also get visibility in the world of conventional marketing such as the DonaBox donation box advertising space – which is important in order to be successful online – integrating these stories and information on the subject or problem that we seek to promote and / or solve, with other mechanisms and more common strategies.

An example of this is the use of piggy banks – also known as donation boxes, moneyboxes or collection boxes depending on the country and region – as part of the communication strategy and not just to raise money. Many customers take advantage of the visibility DonaBox gives them to do much more than collect donations, use the display and the sides of the moneybox to create narratives and show the relevant links to transform interested parties into online followers with links or maybe well placed QR codes for example. Feel free to contact BausLabs for free consultation and guidance, their team have designed many campaigns testing each modality for different objectives.

These boxes work as recipients of donation money and are used for widely by nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their causes and have become a perfect ally. Take advantage of their full potential, the Donabox were created with that purpose in mind, to be the perfect marketing and fundraising tool.

With them, thanks to the world of design and printing, images can be placed that not only position the foundation, nonprofit or charity, but its message and the stories of those who are part of it (including collaborators, volunteers and donors). A strategy that can stimulate a potential donor to act is showing those stories that generate empathy and connection.

In addition, donation boxes allows you to create or promote a specific positioning for areas where the piggy banks are placed to collect funds (donations), that is, the message can always be in different places simultaneously and in direct contact with people. And change according to the campaigns or regions of impact for each cause.

In summary, the efforts to achieve a successful fundraising involve understanding the importance of those who decide to contribute to the NGO and their personal histories, in addition to making the most of existing tools. Do not forget to pay close attention to all aspects of Marketing and fundraising with piggy banks and if you need any recommendation do not hesitate to contact us or the BausLabs team.

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