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BausLabs has an international and multilingual team specialized in Digital Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization is a big part of it. We'll improve your website, funnel or campaign, we're here for you!

Are many people visiting your site but not converting? If so, CRO is for you.  At BausLabs, we study the landing page, the funnel and why your visitors are not converting — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, clienta or otherwise. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what's stopping them from completing your goals.

What is CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO, is the optimization process of certain elements that intervene in a marketing campaign in order to optimize the conversion rate of it. That is, the procedures followed by the CRO are established in order to maximize the volume of conversions of the campaign or, what is the same, maximize the number of users who perform the action we want (registration, request for information, purchase…).

Two fundamental ideas that show why CRO is something to consider are:

  1. Most websites are 2 or 3 times below their potential click-through rate, a figure that could be improved by optimizing the different factors influencing the achievement of objectives.

  2. It's easier to double click-through rates than it is to double incoming web traffic.

So, in simpler terms, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the set of techniques that aim to increase the number of visitors to a web page that become registrations, leads, clients, partners or customers.

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The 6 CRO phases

The CRO is, as we've covered before, a strategy that seeks to optimize the conversion of users into records or customers. This process is divided into 6 fundamental phases:

  • Identification and analysis of the problem: Through the analysis of the website, an attempt is made to determine which aspects can be improved to increase the conversion rate. For example, the problem may be premature abandonment of the website by users or a high bounce rate.

  • Making a hypothesis: Once we have analyzed all the information from an exhaustive and critical analysis of the different factors related to website visits, user flow and funnel bounce rate, it is time to establish a working hypothesis. For example, perhaps the problem is that we have not chosen suitable keywords and, therefore, our visitors leave our page because they do not conform to what they are really looking for.

  • Carrying out tests: The third phase of the CRO process consists of launching tests that allow us to verify our hypothesis. Doing A/B testing will allow us to gradually improve.

  • Propose solutions: In view of the result of the test, it is time to propose improvements to the web, for example, rethinking the chosen keywords or changing some element of the page: the design of the landing page, a form, a button, some images, etc.

  • Analysis of the results obtained with the improvements: Once the improvements are implemented, it must be verified if they are having the desired effect, that is, if we manage to improve the conversion rate, using the most appropriate indicators for this.

  • Implement a continuous improvement circuit: To achieve the best results with a CRO strategy, it is advisable not to close the project once some failures have been detected and solved, but to start a continuous circuit of continuous improvement to identify other errors or points for improvement.

Our Agency relies on statistical analysis for every change, maximizing the potential benefits on the website only depends on constant work, there is no one-pill fix in online marketing. That's why we work SEO, PPC, CRO and every other 3 letter acronym with the LASER system: Learn, Analyze, Strategize, Execute & repeat.

Convertion rate optimization by BausLabs

Key concepts to understand CRO

Even though CRO is mixed with Pay per click and Search Engine Optimization, there are some kew phrases or words that pop up a lot when researching CRO services. This is a list of the ones we get asked about the most.

  • Landing Page:

CPC A Landing Page, sometimes called "lead capture page" or "single property page", is a marketing term that designates where our users land when they get to our webpage. Its the first impression of the digital world so we have to pay attention to detail because is to convert visitors into leads or customers.

  • CTA or Call to Action:

The CTA or call-to-action is a marketing term for any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate reaction from the user. It must be clear and attractive. The phrase next to the "buy" button, and even the button itself is a CTA. An example might be "Buy Now", "For limited time only" or "Don't miss out".  

  • Marketing Funnel:


A marketing funnel is a way of breaking down our customer journey all the way from the the first time they hear from us or the “awareness” stage to the “purchase” stage, when they’re ready to buy your product or service. Often funnels can also include post-purchase follow-ups which increase retention as well as cross- and up-sells.

  • Heat maps:

A heat map is basically a graphical representation of data. A typical heat map provides a visual summary of information that shows the answer to, how far down the page our visitors go? or Where do my visitors click the most?. Here is an example from Hotjar, an amazing tool for heat maps:

BausLabs Marketing agency funnel example

What does BausLabs CRO services include?


We create a CRO program within a digital marketing strategy with the objective of improving the conversion rate of your website. Our CRO programs involve analyzing the entire website to find obstacles to conversion and then optimizing each web page to improve them. 


We can summarize our methodology in a 3-step baus plan:

1. We find what drives people to your website:

If we aim to convert your traffic, we need to understand why people are getting to your website . They could be coming from a specific Google search for your product or service (this is where SEO can be helpful), simply doing some research, finding you on social media, or following someone’s recommendation without knowing anything about you or your services and products. If we treat them all the same, we cannot tailor the user experience and prioritize the right messages for the demographics that matter most to your business.  

Instead of guessing or making assumptions, we find out your visitors’ drivers or motives by researching, asking and designing our top personas which are basically realistic representations of your visitors that help us get a better sense of your target audience and what your customers need.

2. We find what might stop potential customers:

Without knowing where and why visitors are leaving your site, we cannot really improve their experience and your conversion rates. Instead of making changes based on opinion or best practices and hoping for better result that never come. We put on our detective’s hat and dive into user behavior analysis to find the strongest barriers to conversion. By providing value and removing barriers we'll get to make more sales, encourage sign-ups, increase leads, etc.

Some places we check:

  • High-exit pages: 

Every page looking to convert should have a prototype funnel or the usual path our users go through on our website until they convert. Fixing bounce rates or high exit pages is like fixing a leaky bucket—the holes at the bottom are the first ones to repair to keep the most water in.

  • Problematic sections on the exit pages:

We set up a heat map on the high exit pages and wait for people to visit these pages so their clicking, tapping, swiping, and scrolling behavior can be recorded and rendered for you as scroll maps, click maps, and move maps. A perfect and easy way to close in on the real problems.

3. We find what persuades visitors to act:

Knowing what persuaded your existing users and customers to act gives us a clear picture of what we need to double down on, and also, very important, what to stop doing, to convert even more of your future visitors.

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Why hire our CRO services?

On our team, we take care of each client and go above and beyond expectations. Personalized treatment, continuous monitoring of each project and our own methodology are compelling reasons to decide to bet on our CRO services.

With very happy clients, we strive to become a part of the team within your company, not just an amazing agency helping you succeed :) Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Because it is impossible to do CRO without an analysis and improvements on your SEO, PPC and Website, you can be sure that through our CRO services, we can help you increase traffic, conversions, leads and clients.

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