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8 ways for wealth management firms to reach millennial and Gen-Z investors

Millennial and Gen-Z investors represent a massive opportunity for wealth management firms. However, reaching these younger investors can be challenging, as they have different expectations and preferences compared to previous generations. To successfully attract millennial and Gen-Z investors, wealth management firms need to adapt their approach using a variety of online marketing strategies.

In this article, we will explore 8 ways wealth management firms can reach these younger investors and build long-term relationships.



Here are 8 effective strategies

1. Building a strong social media presence

Younger investors are active on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. By creating engaging content and interacting with potential clients, wealth management firms can build a relationship with millennial and Gen-Z investors.

  1. Use layman's terms, your audience is most likely not filled with CFAs.

  2. Comment, answer questions and be personable.

  3. Take sides on issues and online debates, but be nuanced and reasonable, no need to alienate anyone.

2. Creating valuable content

Younger investors are more likely to engage with and trust firms that provide them with valuable information, rather than just trying to sell them products or services. Wealth management firms should create content that addresses the concerns and interests of this demographic, such as saving for a Ferrari, retirement planning, saving for a home, or starting a business.

  1. Millennials and Gen-Z want to deal with people and not deal with “corporations” so get your manager's social media channels onboard.

  2. Content can be super edited and super amateurish, no need to have everything looking like a UBS presentation. In fact, it might be better to publish a self-made video on the way to work.

3. Using online video

Video content is more engaging than text, and younger investors are more likely to watch videos than read articles. Wealth management firms can use video to explain complex financial concepts, provide information about their services, or showcase testimonials from satisfied clients.

  1. From common mistakes to books, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Youtube is a main channel for real growth and can be used for Interviews and Shorts alike.

4. Being mobile-friendly

I hope you're thinking that this is obvious because it is, but just in case, we add it right in the middle of the article.

Younger investors are more likely to use their smartphones to access information online. Therefore, wealth management firms need to ensure that their website and online platforms are mobile-friendly, and optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices.

5. Join Groups and Associations

Find groups on LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, etc. (depending on your location) and Associations in your area that provide support, publicity and usually, backlinks (an SEO thing, a good thing). We’re working on a list of groups and associations for a few countries, feel free to reach out to us and request it.

  1. LinkedIn groups, for example, allow you to post for their members, message members and will for sure, help you grow your network and audience if you want one.

  2. Federations and associations will usually request a yearly fee but they will create a profile of you or your company, share when you have news or Press Releases and in many cases, offer support in many areas.

6. Considering Influencer marketing

As millennials and Gen Z are more likely to trust social media influencers and peers, these young investors can also be reached by partnerships with influencers or user-generated content campaigns.

In Finance, there are well-respected finance writers and content creators that can be hired for a partnership, a one-off post, or a consultancy.

But be careful with influencers, vet them properly and don't use random tiktokers based only on follower count, it usually leads to nowhere and a bunch of wasted time.

7. Utilizing AI Technology

AI technology can help you create content, ideas, responses, analysis, and much more. Faster and with a smaller team, so:

  1. Learn how to use the tools well.

  2. create a protocol of when to use and for what.

  3. Create an initial list of prompts for your team that have been tested.

  4. Always use it for ideas or first drafts, never for direct publishing.

8. Creating a personalized experience

A bit repetitive but SO important: Younger investors value a personal touch!

Consider using personalization tactics like:

  1. Dynamic content, where the same message is tailored to different groups of visitors.

  2. Personalization in emails could help increase the response rate

  3. Different Landing pages for markets or target groups.

By adapting to the changing preferences and values of younger investors, wealth management firms can tap into a vast and growing market and build long-term relationships with the next generation of investors. It is important to understand the unique needs and preferences of millennial and Gen-Z investors and use online marketing strategies that effectively reach and engage this demographic.


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That’s it!

Have a great day.

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