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Blockchain and Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing blockchain Bauslabs agency

Also known as Cryptomarketing.

Crypto and Blockchain have grown to be a clear winner in the race for decentralized finance, decentralized governance and decentralized everything! Thanks to crypto and the blockchain, that world is rapidly turning into a more fair, just and transparent place.

Obviously, in this article we wont be able to go in-depth into specific marketing strategies for NFTs and DeFi but if you want to know more about our marketing ideas for crypto based projects, get in touch!

On Crypto and Blockchain Marketing

The main crypto focused services

We provide a wide range of Blockchain focused Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Analytics & Communications services, and are able to assist with Product & Service Launches, as well as end-to-end support with ICO’s.

Digital strategy

Our tried and tested Integrated Marketing Strategies help you prepare to launch and execute a blockchain project to fulfill your business goals, and get all of the stakeholders and service providers involved to work together.

Online Advertising

Our data driven approach to advertising enables us to identify, set up, manage and optimize a wide range of CPM, PPC Performance advertising campaigns. Even though some channels are still making it complicated for crypto projects to buy advertising space we believe, soon, these nonsensical remaining bans will disappear.

Communication and PR

We can assist with content creation for marketing, advertising, email and communications. Our main specialization is SEO and these services are at the core of making your project as visible as possible.

Website Optimization

We assist your development team to improve your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPS) around your brand and sector, increasing organic traffic, optimizing your conversion funnel and improving visibility in major search engines including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and more.

Email Marketing

We can help you identify, set up and manage a wide range of email marketing automation platforms, to increase customer retention and engagement and drive sales. Starting at the creation of a high quality data base of interested humans to the appropriate marketing flow for each persona.


We provide expert advice within the field of online marketing. Decades of experience in launching online services & products allow us to help you avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls and focus on more important aspects of your business.

Value comes first. Always.

While the cryptocurrency market has yet to hit mainstream as other types of securities, the giant leaps made by the community have made it very likely that within a few years, crypto and blockchain would be the basis of many industries. By now, most informed people already know its inevitable and a matter of time.

So, we work to give your audience a breather from the old ways and take them on a vision of what will come, substitute fallacies with genuine knowledge. Take the time to explain the actual differentiators for your coin, product, or service in a meaningful, easy-to-grasp way.

As a good rule of thumb, for every strong marketing assertion, we work with you to make sure we have a marketable explanation with data, evidence, or comparisons to back it up.

This strategy will help nurture relationships with leads, while helping your company avoid “blending in with the scenery” among the hundreds of other startups trying to claw their way to visibility.

Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

A Large Funnel for your content

Creating great content is step ONE for everything, reputation, traffic, and obviously. for earning leads, but you want to ensure that leads know what the next steps are in order to take action on your service or offer.

The key is to create sample buyer journeys segmented by the type of persona you wish to appeal to and convert. These journeys should be natural, appealing, and intuitive, which means the jump from one step to the next shouldn’t be intimidating.

For example, if you’re trying to generate sales for crypto coin mining tools, don’t just end your content with a CTA to “buy now!” Instead, offer a piece of follow-up content for your lead to “learn more.” Or better yet, offer them something valuable that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch, such as closing with a CTA to, “Download our guide to get started with crypto coin mining, and start making profits quicker!”

Set goals for how your content converts leads from each buyer stage to the next. Then, track your conversion data using custom URL parameters. The data you generate reveals which tactics bring you the best performance, so monitor closely, make note of your successes, and evolve your strategy over time to get more from each piece of content you create.

Visual content is paramount for high engagement

The best supplement to crypto content is a visual aid. Accompanying a piece of text information with a visual or graph is enough to boost retention of your messaging by 6 to 7 times.

Without these visuals, people tend to remember just 10% of what you explained. A few types of visual content will help sell your message particularly well:

  • Infographics: These earn three times more likes and shares on social media than any other type of content!

  • Single Image Article Summaries: If you have an important fact or headline you want to get across, creating a visual header can help your post get more engagement.

  • Videos: They don’t have to be expensive, and they go a long way towards earning you leads. 60% of senior executives say they prefer video to text, and including video content on a landing page can increase conversions by 700%

BausLabs Crypto Marketing Agency meme

Get the right partner for your Crypto / Blockchain Marketing

On this blog post we tried to go over the basics of a Crypto Marketing Strategy. But if your planning to grow a project to its full potential and use Marketing in a consistent and high level way, consider having a partner that can work with you and work with your team in achieving the goals.

Creating and managing a Marketing Strategy and execution of a Crypto or Blockchain product or service, should include conversion tracking, constant optimization, correct attribution and a dedicated people that will walks with you all the way.

At BausLabs we proud ourselves in becoming part of your team, by understanding your business, your team, structure and objectives, we can provide the best services that will get you where you want to go from Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Zurich to the world.

Get in touch!

Have a great day,


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