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Etoro Popular Investor Marketing Strategy

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

With the rise of social trading, a whole new world in marketing was created for amazing investors world wide. With BausLabs Agency, take advantage of this platform and grow your brand.

Etoro marketing startegy grow with Bauslabs

Do you love finance? the stock market? Crypto or Forex? ETFs maybe? Are you a managing or want to manage money on Etoro? Or just become or grow your brand as an investment professional? We're here to help. From the city that created Etoro, we work for investors in Spain, Chile, U.S. Canada, UK and Switzerland.

Focus on investing. Let BausLabs be your marketing manager.

Grown on Etoro with BausLabs Agency

The business around investing

In the last few years, buying stocks and cryptos has become a prime pastime for millions of people but there is a difference between buying securities and being and investor. We work with investors.

New platforms like Etoro has allowed smart retail investors to show their skills as traders, value investors, growth investors or ESG investors, all with their level of risk and timeline. The retail investor market is growing double digits every year at a global scale.

But, from experience, we know that being great at something requires time and dedication. That's why we are the first Marketing Agency to offer our services specifically to the finance sector.

  • Writing weekly portfolio updates for followers and copiers.

  • Creating branded images and gifs that go with every post.

  • Selecting accounts and posts to comment on.

  • Brand supporting services (Website, SEO, PPC, Social)

  • Backlink creation.

Popular investor on Etoro

Did you know that there is no correlation between the best performing portfolios and copiers on Etoro? You can even find inflation-level-return portfolios managing over a million dollars on Etoro

Etoro is a social platform that has allowed smart active investors to create a following and copied, effectively creating investment professionals that grow and make money based on:

  • Trust & Effective communication.

  • Justified returns on investment.

  • Compelling investment strategy.

Bear in mind that billions of dollars are poured into these platforms by people who don't understand the stock market and they are looking for someone to get them involved, to attract them into an idea or an investment thesis, but must of all, somebody that keeps them informed. That's the difference between buying and index fund or ETF and investing in you (copying you).

Getting or growing a following on Etoro not only gets you copiers that eventually will get you payed as a professional investment manager, but its a springboard into a substack or newsletter, YouTube channel, guest posting, referral revenue, and many more ways to grow and monetize your brand.

BausLabs Agency Etoro pays popular investors

After our 10th Etoro client back in 2019, we created a BausLabs policy to copy our clients with at least 500 usd because we know that the initial bump is sometimes what other investor needs to trust you as well.

Etoro Popular investor requirements - Hire BausLabs

SEO and growth for finance influencers

We are living in the golden age for retail investors that want to create a business around their investing and brand. Etoro is planning the IPO for late 2021 and we will see a big growth in investors within the app that is now a leader in Europe.

Etoro ad for retail investors and BausLabs services

If you're passionate about investing and making or growing your brand, this is the time to step it up.

We, as a social media and search engine optimization agency have been working with Etoro investors and popular investors for over 3 years, helping them increase their exposure and revenue through copiers, referrals, website ads, payed advertising, YouTube growth and more.

Posts, links and strategy

That's the basic set of things you must do to grow on Etoro once you have a complete profile:

  1. Strategy: Decide what's the objective, what type of investor you want to attract and how. If its casual or professional, the look should match because consistency creates trust and trust is needed when talking about money.

  2. Post on your wall and comment on other people posts on the stocks that you hold, trade or are studying. Be open with your strategy and be confident, don't be afraid to be wrong, just post. (btw, use rich text and create an image for each post).

  3. Ad links on each post to the source of the news and/or your website, newsletter or channel if you have one.

BausLabs Agency for your Etoro Growth

Get the right partner for your Brand

On this blog post, I tried to go over the basics of our services for finance, crypto and stock market investors that want to create or increase their brand around it. From weekly posts for your followers on Etoro, comments on other accounts, outside links to your profile, graphic design, and more by BausLabs Agency.

If you want to be the best investor you can be while building or growing a brand around it, consider having a partner that can guide you and work with you on Marketing, SEO and more.

Creating and managing a brands Marketing and Strategy, should include professional content by people that understand the finance world, the markets and much more. All this besides conversion tracking, constant optimization, correct attribution and a dedicated team that will walks with you all the way.

We are so invested in our clients success that we make it a priority to copy each and every client on Etoro.

At BausLabs we proud ourselves in our results, by understanding your sector, business, your team, structure and objectives, we can provide the best services that will get you where you want to go.

Get in touch!

Have a great day,


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