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Grow as a Popular Investor on eToro - Content creation

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We’ve written hundreds of posts and articles for Popular Investors. Here's what you need to know to make your time and effort count.

Grow as a Popular Investor on eToro - Content creation

Content Creation for eToro Popular Investors

Creating a post for your eToro feed is not only one of the most effective ways Popular Investors increase their following and the number of copiers, but it’s also an important requirement from eToro to investors in the program at every stage: Cadet, Rising Star (A new tier for the US Market), Champion, Elite and Elite Pro.

eToro wants all Popular Investors to “Have an active feed – posts with strategy and analysis” and they have made it not only a requirement for payment (Champion, Elite and Elite Pro) but also a requirement for upgrading tiers.

So, it’s clear that every Popular Investor or aspiring Popular Investor on eToro needs to devote time to write about their strategy and the assets they’re studying, holding or shorting. But the problem is that for most people, writing for eToro is an unrewarding endeavor because:

  1. eToro doesn't pin the article in a timely manner.

  2. The asset has already an irrelevant pinned post from eToro

  3. The article or post gets swallowed in a sea of poorly written, self promoting and low-level posts.

So, basically, what I’m trying to say is that in most cases, it’s not worth it UNLESS you can take control of your content, and that's what we do best at BausLabs and you should too (or hire us, we are amazing 🙂 )

In this Article, we'll go over:


Writing an engaging Post for eToro

Writing an engaging post on eToro is similar to writing a good post on any social media channel. It requires a mix of knowledge on the topic at hand, flair and know-how.

Every post on eToro has only 3 main limitations:

  1. 5000 text characters

  2. 1 Image

  3. 5 post-related tags or tickers.

The limitations make it harder for analyst to convey their investment thesis in the usual manner (graphs, tables, images) but it also create a flexible framework that resonates more on social media.

Follow a style and structure

eToro is a social platform filled with mostly novice investors, not CFA or professional investors, meaning, there is no need to fill the eToro Limitation of 5000 text characters because most people, as it happens in most social platforms, are not there to read long form articles.

The best thing you can do to be recognizable with your content is to always maintain a certain style that reflects who you are in the way the post is started, finished, organized and decorated (bold, cursive, emoticons, etc.) Basically, you want to always treat your followers and other eToro users in the same tone and image.

One of the best ways to create consistent looking content is to establish a structure that works for you on most cases and have it ready to just fill in with brand new information every time. For example, if we want to update on news from specific assets in our portfolio on a monthly or bimonthly basis, we can create a template that goes something like:

Greetings [consistent]
News title and explanation [variable]
Company profile [mostly consistent]
Fundamentals [Updated variables, e.g. PE, EPS, Dividend, Altman Z-score, ROIC, etc.]
Conclusions & Engaging question [variable]
Closing [consistent]

To create text effects, we recommend using the tool

Bold titles for etoro posts

Make your image consistent

The image of your post is like the thumbnail of your Youtube video or the display of a blog post. It has to be visually engaging and consistent with the text and your brand or image.

This doesn't mean it cant change over time, it just means that make sure that if you’re portraying yourself as a casual high risk crypto trader or as a professional FX trader, the image should portray the same thing.

We would go even further and add your name or brand on each image, the same one you should be using on your website (compressed and optimized of course) and the same one it gets shared on social media alongside your post or article.

To create this images, we recommend using

Add post-related tags or tickers

Every post or article should be focused on an asset in particular but its allowed to tag or add 4 more tickers that are related to the industry, segment or to the primary asset directly. If this is abused, the article might get flagged by the etoro_moderation team for violating the eToro Community Guidelines.

Tagging other assets related to your piece of content is an important way to appear on more than one profile and to allow more users to find you.

We recommend doing some research on competitors before defaulting on the standard $SPX500 or $NSDQ100 as they’re used by many.


Making your eToro post last

If you haven't noticed, even though eToro wants you to write amazing posts, they do very little to promote your post and differentiate the good quality content with the bad. That's why its up to each user and popular investor to be smart about how they spend their time and effort.

For many popular investors, the main thing that comes to mind when it comes to publishing content in eToro is to pin it on top of the asset’s profile, right? But that should be just step one.

The most important thing to remember is that eToro is a channel for you to acquire followers and copiers, but your content on eToro has a short shelf life, so it’s very important to repurpose and repost your content in different channels to prolongue the life of the content and more importantly, to give you control over your content.

The most important thing is to have a base outside of eToro that you own and control, a place that can be built and grown with time by leveraging not only eToro, but social media in general.

Every Popular Investor needs a Website

This is the first thing we do for our clients because a website is easily built and once its up and running, it acts as a funnel for every piece of content you create and share.

Basic sections of your website:

  • About me/us section

  • A categorized blog for all your content creations

  • Links to social

  • Easy eToro “copy-me” guide and link

With those sections, now you can repost all your eToro posts and then you can share them on your personal or professional LinkedIn page, Stocktwits, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. By doing that, everybody that finds your article or post interesting can go to your website and learn more about you.

You know something that eToro loves? If you bring outside traffic and potential new users to their platform!!

Choose your asset wisely

Not all assets are created equal when it comes to publishing and pinning an article, especially if you want to be at the top for longer than a day or two.

Let us explain.

On one hand, if you select an asset like $TSLA that millions in eToro have added to their Watchlist and invested in it, an asset that is followed by a huge mass of hardcore fans and detractors. You can be sure that every 10 minutes a new post or article is published, making it very hard for your article to be seen by many people unless its pinned, and for that, it better be a great article because the competition is strong.

On the other, if you select an asset like $DUOL (Duolingo) or $MMM (3M), your article or post will take longer to disappear from the asset’s profile and pinned post can last for weeks (or months in some cases) bringing you steady followers over time.

In the past, eToro provided the number of followers and investors for each asset on their platform but that has been removed now so at BausLabs we use proxy measures like Google trends and number of posts in the last 30 days, to rank portfolio assets before the writing process starts.

“Pin Your Post” on eToro

eToro wants to have the best possible information on top of each asset’s profile, that's why they’ve included ESG scores and news below the basic fundamentals of each available asset. But that comes at a price for Popular Investor content because its pushed down the asset’s profile even more.

That's why its so important to submit it for pinning and take control over the content for the website and social media.

Remember that you can submit posts here:

Don’t expect to be pinned always or fast, the team in charge of pinning content has reduced the efficacy and now, for many assets, they pin eToro made content which can be hard to replace.

But what do they want? Lets be honest, eToro wants content that engages the audience, not necessarily and in depth fundamental or technical analysis


Examples of Bad and Good eToro Posts

Here we can see a typical post on eToro that was pinned probably by an intern on the $BBBY stock page (Bed Bath and Beyond).

Considering the turmoil in the markets and what this stock has gone through in the last month, to have this pinned to the top is an embarrassment. The author made almost no effort and just added random information on stocks he doesn't even own or short.

Pinned post like this bring nothing to the author as it had zero likes or comments and reaches the wrong audience for this investor as those assets are not part of his portfolio.

Bad eToro post
Bad eToro post

Now, the following post follows most of our guidelines and we like it. It was pinned for 2 weeks at the time of publication.

  • It has an easy structure to follow using bold letters and bullet point for important financial data.

  • News -> Company info -> Investors Outlook -> Question to engage the audience.

If we could make changes, it would be to try and add below the title something like "Do you like Inditex? I really like it and here's why:"

eToro perfect post
eToro good post


Popular Investor Services

At BausLabs we specialize on Finance marketing, from growing popular investors in eToro and LinkedIn to Lead-generation at Venture Capital and Wealth management companies. Our team will work with you while speaking the same language.

Some of the services we provide to popular investors and finfluencers are:

  • Responsive website development

  • Financial and SEO-optimized content creation

  • Content adaptation and repurposing

  • Graphic design

  • Podcast Creation and publication

  • Long/Short Video editing and publication

  • Social Media management

At BausLabs we proud ourselves in our results, by understanding your objectives and the industry, we can provide the best services that will get you where you want to go.

Get in touch and tell us what you need!

Have a great day,


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